Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baseball Game

I decided the other day to get a wild hare idea and plan an eventful date for Gabe and I. I called my friend, Kai, asked if she could babysit and bought the tickets for the Seattle Mariners vs. the Anaheim Angels. Not just tickets, they had to be the best available. We were in for a great surprise, we sat on the third base line, straight up from home plate. We could almost touch the players. It was awesome. The Angels lost but played a great game (final score 8-9). I lost Gabe the Griffey foul ball though. I was in the way when it came our direction and he was bummed out about it. Gabe and I had a great time and definately needed the time away. Here are a few pics from our date. Have a great week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Arlee's Visit

Gabe's sister and her son Bragen came to visit this last week and we had so much fun. Bragen is such a little doll. Owen and Bragen had a lot of fun playing together even though Owen can be a little awnry sometimes and push Bragen down. We were able to go to Huntington beach, Palm Springs, t-ball games, a birthday party, the park, and the San Diego Zoo while they were here. It was a fun filled week. Little Madelyn loved sharing her room to Aunt Arlee and her cousin Bragen. She still asks when they are coming back. She really enjoyed them being here. Gabe's step sister, Jessica also came to visit for a night. We had a nice time going to dinner and lunch in Palm Springs. Here are some pictures from our week...