Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day back to school!!

We woke up this morning eager to get ready and off to school. Madelyn was so excited. As we walked out our front door the Oak Glen fire was blazing and Madelyn looked up and said, "Mommy, someones house is fired up." Cute how she said it. Then Owen and I took her to school where she was beside herself to see all her friends and Teachers. Owen wanted to stay at school and threw a fit when we left. But I made up for it going to Kids club at the gym, definitely trying to get motivated again. Owen and I went grocery shopping then came home and played outside for awhile, Owen made me a mud pie and said, "Happy Birthday mommy". Such a cute little guy!! We showered, ate lunch and it was time to get Madelyn from school. She was so excited to see Owen and I she screamed across the whole room "look Miss Val my mom came back to get me". Overall she had a great first day. She said she played with all her friends and was delighted to play with her new flash cards when she got home. My kids amaze me every day. They say the funniest things! Mommy and Owen are working on the potty training today and so far so good. He has gone all day in the potty. Keeping my fingers crossed.
On another note, the kids and I are still adjusting to Gabe being gone all week. It is hard. We sure miss him. Looking forward to the long weekend coming up. We are going to be starting on our bedroom and bathroom addition. Can't wait until that is all done. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great week!